Ingoma hosts Rev. Alvin Herring to Organize Activists in the Wake of Freddy Gray’s Murder

One of Baltimore’s most beloved activists. Rev. Alvin Toussaint Herring of the PICO National Network, returned to Baltimore this week to support activists and unite clergy throughout Baltimore. The images below sample Rev. Herring’s work here.

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Oldtown Developers Selected – Partnership Begins

Beatty Development Group and Henson Development Co. have been selected as the development team to redevelop the Oldtown Mall. The developers proactively reached out to the Oldtown Development Team, facilitated by the Ingoma Foundation, to engage with the community, and have committed to remaining actively engaged as the plans for redevelopment are developed. Ingoma and its  partners in the Change 4 Real Community Corporation, Brown Craig Turner Architecture Firm, the Douglass Homes and Somerset Tenant Councils and Sojourner Douglass College are committed to ensure that the new construction in Oldtown will honor the collaboratively-developed Oldtown Redevelopment Plan, which issues a new era of “holistic-development” which ensures that existing residents share in the economic and social development that is spawned by the project, and sustainable jobs and community-owned enterprises are created through the process.

The community has evolved it’s vision of the development with the support of Brown Craig Turner Architects outlined in the summary presentation below:

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We have collaboratively developed a plan for development in Oldtown that will create new pathways for current Oldtown residents to start businesses and rent or buy homes RIGHT HERE IN OLDTOWN . Thank you to the community leaders who have remained committed throughout the 9-year planning process, and the Youth Unlocked Youth who have taken leadership in the last two years to ensure the future of their community. Now is the time to engage in the finalization of the plans, and the future of Oldtown. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming scheduled Change 4 Real meetings. To get on the mailing list for Oldtown redevelopment activities, Click Here>> Oldtown Redevelopment Mailing List

Check out the link to the Baltimore Sun article here.

Youth Unlocked Hosts the Lifelines to Healing Bus Tour in Baltimore

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Of the forces undermining urban community stabilization are those aimed at the youngest, most vulnerable of our community. And of these, the most devastating to our youth are gun violence and mass incarceration. The PICO national network convened the Lifelines to Healing Bus Tour, a direct response to the outcry following the unjust killing of Trayvon Martin. The national bus tour was organized to build awareness around the persistent disparities that exist between King’s dream and the realities of being a person of color in 2013. The Mid-Atlantic leg of the tour began in Boston and made stops in Hartford and Newtown CT, Harlem, New York, Philadelphia, PA, Camden, NJ and here in Baltimore on its way to the commemoration of the 50 anniversary of the 1963 March On Washington.

The Ingoma Foundation, through its Youth Unlocked initiative, hosted the Lifelines Bus Tour at the Historic Sojourner-Douglass College for a 5 hour  story sharing and training event with a group of 50 young people and adult allies from the Baltimore area. The session  featured young people mastering the telling of their own stories of experiences through story-telling and spoken word performance, about the impact of gun violence and mass incarceration on their lives. Participants documented their stories on film, and learned how to create a powerful public voice on these issues. Said spoken word artist and youth organizer Slangston Hughes, “The Headlines to Healing bus tour event at Sojourner Douglass this past friday was amazing, powerful beyond words! So grateful for the brothers and sisters from all over the country i got to meet, and the incredible stories we got to hear. Shout out to Paulo Gregory Harris, Alvin Toussaint Herring, and everyone who helped to organize the days events and to Dre Jackson for being the lone representative from the Baltimore Citywide Youth Poetry Team, and for his powerful performance. As poets, these are the kind of events that we must be present at more than anything else, slam is fun and can even be transformational and all that but moving forward it MUST be a bonus not the focus. Are words have TO MUCH WORK to do beyond that.”

The Lifelines tour kicks off the Youth Unlocked fall organizing efforts to bring youth, police and community members together to take on community challenges and in the process divert youth toward streams that will carry them sustainably and productively through their lives. “If we are going to make any headway at all in reducing gun violence and stemming the rising tide of youth incarceration in this country we are going to have to hear from young people. Their stories and their experiences matter and have the power to move us to act. This day will bring that voice to the Tour.” said Paulo Gregory Harris, Director of the Ingoma Foundation.

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